Purposes, Uses, and Limitations of Leaf Blower

“Need is the mother of invention”- the quote stands true for the intention of inventing the leaf blower. Gardeners created this machinery in desperate need. The leaf blower’s sole purpose was to remove leaves and debris from the yard/property, especially after the fall season. Many argue the necessity of a leaf blower. But It would not have been invented if there was no need for it. Many highly protest the use of leaf blowers. Even so, it managed to keep its market value throughout all these years, from the late 1950s. It is essential to say that it serves its purpose quite well. Thus it never ran out of the market. So we can say that its purpose is to “nicely clear the property without physical stress.” Let’s look at some common uses of leaf blowers.

Purposes and The Uses of Leaf Blower

Cleaning a large number of leaves: in the fall, everyone is a victim of a tremendous amount of shed leaves. The roads get blocked and lawns and yards get messy. And cleaning it all up with a broom causes physical distress. It takes forever to clean it up. But the leaf blower turns hours worth of hard work easy and quick. Therefore, every household without a distinguished yard never fails to own a leaf blower.

Dusting: dusting is an additional advantage of a leaf blower. While cleaning up the dry leaves, you can dust your property as well. After using the machine, the yard becomes nice and clean. It keeps it dust-free. Leaf blowers can be used for dusting not only in your yard and lawn but also tractors, cars, roofs, porch etc. the leaf blower cleans off the dust hassle freely with just a simple sweep.

Removing snow: you might think that leaf blockers are only useful in the summer or fall but that stands incorrect. In fact, it can be used more efficiently in winter. The snow that blocked your driveway and piled up on your roof, covered your backyard, creates inconvenience in daily activity. Scooping them up with a shovel takes too much time and energy. But leaf blowers can simply remove them using the airflow. So you can have your lawn, driveway, roof and car-top clean without a fuss.

Alternative Uses of Leaf Blowers

Earlier discussed, These are some standard practices that the buyers use the leaf blowers for. But the very machinery has far better applications as well. Its alternate uses are handier and make the equipment more reliable and multi-purpose. Let’s look at some of its alternate uses as well.

Cleaning puddles: Puddles are what creates the source of inconvenience and unfortunate accidents. It may seem a bit insignificant to use a leaf blower to clean a puddle. But it works wonders. The airflow efficiently clears up the puddle’s substances without creating a whole lot of mess. Then you can fill the puddle hole to avoid puddle issues again.

Drying surfaces: many use the leaf blower to dry out surfaces like a car seat, couch, swing, carpet, garage mat, the roof, floor etc. The airflow of the machine quickly dries up the moist and makes it reusable in minutes. This trick comes in handy more often than you think.

Cleaning the roof: not just your lawn, the leaf blower can keep your roof clean and shining. If your roof has shingles, cleaning and clearing, it is super easy with a leaf blower. It reduces risks and cuts the cleaning time to half. Therefore you do not really need any extra equipment for roof maintenance.

So these are some safe applications of the leaf blowers. You can use them for all and you will not be disappointed for once. So the leaf blower is multi-purpose equipment.

Alternatives to Leaf Blowers

Many people question and protest the existence of leaf blowers. Because of its noise generation, it is least liked as garden equipment. So people use many alternatives as a replacement for leaf blowers. Let’s look at some of them.

Yard Sweeper: Yard sweepers have push-around handles and they have a construction like a lawnmower. These sweepers are hand-powered, easy to control and very simple to clean and store. It is better than the rake and broom. It works well on grass and concrete both effectively. But the cleaning process is time and energy-consuming.

Rake: Rakes are like spiked long handle brooms. It is the handiest and quietest garden equipment of all. It sweeps away the debris nice and smooth. Without a hassle, the work is done. Rakes and brooms work alike. The process of using it is slow but thorough.

Electric Leaf Vacuum: There are vacuums available in the market which only have suction tubes. These machines vacuum the leaves inside and collect them in the collection bag. It is a very effective alternative to the leaf blower.

Lawnmowers: We all are familiar with the machine, lawnmower. Even though its sole purpose is different, it can easily be used as a proxy for a blower. For small yards, the lawnmower can be used to remove leaves and debris from the property. But the lawnmower won’t be able to deal with a large amount of trash and leaf removing projects.

Limitation or Demerits of Leaf Blowers

Most of us are familiar with the term leaf blower. They make your lawn look beautiful. Every equipment that is meant to make your life easy has its disadvantages or limitaitons. A leaf blower is no different. Generally, leaf blowers generate power through electricity, battery, or gas. So the danger level entirely depends on the fuel type. Some of the character limitations that you might face while using a leaf blower is given below.

Leaf Blowers Make Noise: One of the common problems is the noise. They create tremendous sound. It also depends on the fuel, but the more reliable the machine, the louder the sound. The best way to avoid this is to wear something to cover your ears. If you don’t do this, you might damage your ears. Not to mention, you might receive some complaints from the neighbors. Gas-powered leaf blowers create noise beyond the capacity of an average human. So if you don’t want to face any hearing issues shortly, use something to cover your ears. A leaf blower can damage your relationship with your neighbors as a constant loud noise can make anyone irritated. If you are using a leaf blower, make sure you notify them beforehand.

Law Restrictions: Many neighborhoods around the USA have restricted the use of leaf blowers for creating noise pollution. Leaf blowers can lead to permanent ear damage. If you’re using the leaf blower regularly, it might generate some fuss. Check out the laws and regulations of your neighborhood before you turn on your leaf blower.

Air Pollution: Cars are the worst enemy of air. Leaf blowers can produce the same amount of toxic elements as a car does. It also affects humans nearby. They’re polluting the air around you. Batteries usually don’t emit any harmful component, but when you throw away the used battery, it pollutes the environment as most of the cells are not biodegradable. Electric leaf blowers also don’t have this issue. But they have other problems. Lawns often have debris and dust. That’s why we clean them. When we turn on the leaf blowers, it can create a layer over your clothes and affect your health afterward.

Physical Pain: We use leaf blowers to ease our pain. But sometimes leaf blowers can be the reason behind your pain. Leaf blowers weigh a lot. Though they have different styles, some of them are handheld, some of them are backpack style. They usually weigh around 25 pounds. Sometimes more than 25 pounds. Twenty-five pounds can be a huge burden for your back or your shoulder. And lawns can take a pretty long time to clean. If you hold that massive thing for an extended period, it can leave permanent damage. If you are thinking about buying wheeled leaf blowers, let me tell you that they weigh around 100 pounds. Yes, you read it right 100 pounds. You might say, “ But I won’t be carrying it right, so it shouldn’t do any harm.” But you’ll have to take the leaf blower around while cleaning. Your hands might hurt a little afterward.

Limited Runtime: If you have a wired leaf blower, then you won’t face this issue. But if you have a cordless leaf blower, it can be a concern. Cordless leaf blowers need charging in a short time. This means they run out of charge quickly. Just think, you’ve cleaned a portion of your lawn, and your leaf blower died. You will have to wait until it’s charged again. Such a painful experience!

Risk of explosion: Leaf blowers that are powered through gas or oil have this risk. If somehow, it comes in connection with the fire, it can lead to an explosion. You will have to be very careful while storing the fuel. A minor distraction can lead to a massive accident. Even if a certain amount of fuel leaks, it will cause environmental pollution. Always double-check the PowerPoint. Sometimes sparking can cause a fire. To avoid any accident, always be careful while using a leaf blower.

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