Top Manufacturers of Leaf Blowers, their Brands, and Models

A leaf blower is a gardening tool, also known as a blower. It usually has a nozzle that collects the debris like leaves and cuttings of grass. Different manufacturers are specialized for different types of leaf blowers. They come in different types depending on the fuel system. They can be either powered by gasoline or electricity. In some areas, leaf blowers are banned from using as they make a tremendous noise. Here are some of the manufacturers of leaf blowers.

Top Manufacturers of Leaf Blowers and their Brands

Atlas: Atlas leaf bowlers have various qualities. They are lightweight, which means you won’t have to face any back pain or shoulder pain. They are mainly cordless. All the outdoor power tools marketed by the Harbor Freight chain of tool stores. They have two options for lithium rechargeable battery systems; you can choose between 40V and 80V. The 40V is usually orange and grey, and 80V is orange and black. The 40V only supports leaf bowlers, but 80V supports leaf blowers, string trimmers, and lawnmowers.

Billy Goat: Billy Goat leaf blowers are an American company situated near Kansas City, Missouri. They usually manufacture professional outdoor products and household tools. In 1967 they started as a subsidiary of a clipper manufacturing company, and after two years, it came out without any claim, only for itself. Billy Goat was under Briggs & Stratton.

Black Decker: Black Decker completed their 175th year in this industry. It is mainly known as The Stanley Black & Decker Corporation. This American manufacturing company has produced and sold quality products for over a century. They have hand tools, power tools, security systems. It has subsidiary brands like Stanley, Black & Decker, DeWalt, Mac, Bostitch, and more. It has been the leading manufacturing company for over 100 years, and hopefully, it will also be in the upcoming year.

Craftsman: Craftsman was established in 1927, and after that, it became a label. The Sear department store first registered Craftsman. Now Stanley Black & Decker acquire this company. The raw materials are sourced from abroad, and then they are assembled in America. So we can say that this company is based in the USA. They have various types of lawn keeping tools, including different leaf bowlers. They have gas-powered, walk-behind, backpack style, electric-powered leaf blower models. It’sIt’s a budget-friendly brand.

DeWalt: DeWalt is a brand that works under Stanley Black & Decker. Stanley Black & Decker is the first manufacturing company when it comes to global tools and hardware. In 1923 DeWalt’s. DeWalt’s used to sell woodworking machines. After that, they started making different types of devices. Now they have over 1000 various tools. In 1992 they made electric-powered tools. Their main tagline is “Guaranteed tough.”

Echo: The echo is a subsidiary brand of the Yamabiko corporation. Yamabiko corporation is situated in North America, Illinois. It was founded in 1972. From 1979 they started shifting their focus towards outdoor power tools such as lawn maintenance tools. Their presence in America is prominent. They have over 6600 independent dealers all around America. Home depot is one of them.

Eliet: in 1980 by Emiel Lietaer established Eliet. The company is situated in Belgien. They have lawn care equipment and outdoor maintenance products. The best part is they have a creative lab where all the outdoor gear is designed. They provide a range of affordable products.

Greenworks: Changzhou Globe Co is a company based in Changzhou, China. This corporation runs the Greenworks’ brand. They are specialized in battery-powered outdoor equipment. All of their products are run through electricity, which makes them an eco-friendly company.

Hitachi: Hitachi is known all around the world, for it’ sits a quality product. Namihei Odaira founded this company in 1910. They have a variety of products. Deriving from the information and telecommunication sector, now they have established their name in the free tool section.

Homelite: Homelite Corporation is a power equipment manufacturer based in America. They are well known for their chainsaws. Before Homelite, it was Homelite Electric and Lighting company that produced portable generators and troops for civilians and soldiers way back in 1921. Then they shifted towards lawn equipment.

Redmax: It’sIt’s a brand based in North America. They are well known for their trimmers, chainsaws and leaf blowers. But before this, the company’s company’s root was founded in Japan in 1910, and back then, it was known as Tokyo Gas Kogyo company. They changed their name quite a few times. They have ten different types of leaf blowers, along with backpack and handheld blowers. Recently they have launched a battery-powered product line.

The Old Leaf Blower – The Models that have been Very Popular

Just like any other invention, the leaf blowers have evolved over time as well. There are new editions available in the market now and then. However, the blowers can be categorized into the old and the new ones; that is the gas leaf blowers and the electric leaf blowers.

If you are an old-school person and prefer the gas and oil leaf blowers over the electric one, we got your back. The gas and oil blowers can be a little time consuming, to be honest. However, like every other addition of the blowers, it has its own pros as well.As someone who is not afraid to invest a generous amount of time and effort maintaining your blowers and want something really powerful, the gas and oil ones may be the one for you. Another considerable thing while choosing the older version of leaf blowers is how tolerant your neighbors are. If you have neighbors that get irritated with the loud noise of the leaf blowers, you may rethink. This kind is powerful and makes sure it is known for its loud noise.

To run them properly, you need to get the accurate ratio of the oil and gas that should be used in your blower. The right amount of oil helps to work it smoothly by lubricating. Although the exact amount may vary, the ratio of oil and gas has to stay constant.

If you still have confusion using this simple machine, there is a lot of fuel already mixed to the right amount of gas and oil in it. Now that you are introduced to the older version of leaf blowers, it is time for you to get introduced to some of the bests in the market.

1. Husqvarna 125B 28-cc 2-Cycle 170-MPH 470-CFM Handheld Gas Leaf Blower

If you are looking for a leaf blower for household purposes, this can be your perfect choice.

It has 170 MPH air velocity. The air volume of 470 CFM ensures powerful cleaning. It is a heavy-duty leaf blower that comes with a 2 years warranty. The specifications are impressive. It has a 2 cycle engine. The fuel capacity is 0.13 gallons. The assembled weight of this blower is 9.4 lbs.

The blower comes in an orange shade. The handheld blower has the Maximum Air Speed (MPH) Of 170 and Maximum Air Volume (CFM) 470.

This leaf blower can be controlled easily by variable speed throttle and cruise control. The engine of 28 cc makes it perfect for powerful and effective cleaning.

To give you a smoother starting, the off switch automatically turns into the on one. It will come handy for your regular maintenance of the backyard and garden for sure. 

2. CRAFTSMAN B250 27-cc 2-Cycle 205-MPH 450-CFM Handheld Gas Leaf Blower

This gas engine leaf blower ensures you a great, efficient service. The engine has 27 cc and 2 cycle gas engines. It comes with a 2 years warranty. The capacity is 0.1093 gallons of fuel. It is a lightweight one as the assembled weight is only 10.2 pounds. It comes in a beautiful red colour. The blower is a handheld one, and the Maximum Air Volume (CFM) is 450, and Maximum Air Speed (MPH) is 205.

If your garden or backyard is of 1 acre, it is perfect for removing the derbies then.

The easy 3 Step Starting; prime, choke, pull makes it stand out. It comes in both manual and electric start mode. The electric one surely works faster. The whole design of the machine will provide you with ease to have firm control over the product.

The downside of the blower is that it is not a heavy-duty leaf blower. If you are looking for a medium-duty blower that works efficiently and is worth the price, it is worth giving a try.

3.CRAFTSMAN B210 25-cc 2-Cycle 200-MPH 430-CFM Handheld Gas Leaf Blower

Being tired of dealing with the stubborn leaves and debris that does not come off, no matter how hard you try, this could be your perfect choice. The B210 comes with extended nozzles. The integrated scraper helps to clean off all the stuck dirt and keeps your backyard super clean.

Easy Start Technology makes it a cup of tea for you to operate the machine. The variable speed throttle, cruise control ensures that you do not face difficulties using the device. Another exceptional feature is the translucent fuel tank. It gives you the advantage to look at how much fuel you have used and how much you may need. It is compliant with the California Air Resources Board.

It comes with a 2 years warranty. The engine is a 2 cycle one. The fuel capacity is 0.109 gallons. The assembled weight is 10.8 lbs. It has a red finish in colour. It is a handheld blower, and the Maximum Air Speed (MPH) is 200, the Maximum Air Volume (CFM) is 430.

The downside is it comes with only the manual start system. There is no electric one for faster usage.

4. Husqvarna 125BVX 28-cc 2-Cycle 170-MPH 470-CFM Handheld Gas Leaf – Blower with Vacuum Kit

This is the gardening tool that will come handy in quick cleaning of your lawn or backyard surely. The design of this leaf blower makes it stand out in the crowd. With the just perfect amount of force applied, this can do wonders.

The flare nozzle will provide you air-speed higher than most of the blowers out there. The vac-kit will make it easier to get rid of the sticky, stubborn debris.

This is a heavy-duty leaf blower with 2 – cycle engine. It has a 2 -year warranty and the fuel capacity is 0.13 gallons. It comes in orange colour, and it is a handheld blower. The Maximum Air Speed (MPH) is 170, and Maximum Air Volume (CFM) is 470. The Fuel Mix Ratio is 50:1. The Assembled Weight is 9.6 lbs.

It comes in a manual mode only. It is best to use for residential purposes.

5. Bolens 25-cc 2-Cycle 180-MPH 400-CFM Handheld Gas Leaf Blower

Bolens gas leaf blower is perfect for your quick household use. It can easily clean an area of 1- acre at a time. It has a great balance in structure to provide you firm control. The Spring-assisted pull cords will make it easier for you to operate the machine. The Translucent oil tank will help you to determine the amount of fuel present and to know if there is any need for refill or not.

It comes with a 2-cycle engine and a 2-year warranty. The fuel capacity is 0.109 gallons. The assembled weight of the blower is 9.71 lbs. It comes in a green colour to go perfectly with your green lawn. The Fuel Mix Ratio is 40:1. The Maximum Air Volume (CFM) is 400, And the Maximum Air Speed (MPH) is 180.

The blower is perfect as a medium-duty, rather than a heavy one.



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