10 Ways You Can Spend Your Leisure Time for Better Life

Leisure time activities are considered as the source of replenishment of joy and energy. A leisure time activity must be something that doesn’t bore the person, rather helps him uplifting the down zeal after the mainstream work. Since free time is a very personal moment anyone, s/he should choose the activity that calls the soul with full magnetism and devotion.

10 Ways You Can Spend Your Leisure Time for Better Life

There are a lot of stuffs a person can choose to pass the leisure time. But among the plenty, here are 10 most popular activities for pastime.

Reading: Reading is considered as the best work considering the value it adds to human life. There are a plenty to read on this earth. One can choose from fictions or non-fictions, newspaper articles, published journals, blogs, etc. to fulfill the reading urge. Reading is a very convenient option because one doesn’t need much wealth to grow and sustain this habit. Moreover, it expands the horizon of knowledge of a person. However, a serious reader always wants to keep the content under personal collection which needs well preservation, and that can be a hard job. Also, finishing what one has started at a stretch can be time consuming.

Surfing music: Music establishes a bridge between the soul and the heaven. Some may argue that it’s not just a hobby, it’s a passion. Surfing some good music in the lazy time can be pretty enjoyable. Music taste largely depends on the genres acceptable to a person, lyrics of the songs, the artists, availability, etc. Firstly, music will cleanse the soul with positive energy and create immense joy. It’ll also offer a true sense of entertainment when a person is undergoing severe monotony. But unavailability of the desired tunes can be an issue to some regions due to imposed restrictions. Moreover, tendency to get free audios leads to deteriorating human morale.

Watching movies: There will hardly be anyone who doesn’t enjoy watching movies. During the era of theaters or cable TV, there were people who spent thousands per month to enjoy their favorite movies. And now, in the age of online streaming platforms, they still crave and wait for their desired films. Movies create a true sense of compassion and help getting better understanding over various issues. Even important life lessons can be learnt from a film full of learning elements and educational plots. But sometimes movies can be misleading as these are based on some stories written by another man. And sometimes they can lead to disturbance due to unnecessary violence or stupidity on screen.

Cooking: Cooking is one of the favorite pastimes for those who love to eat as well as feed others. Though it seems pretty easy, in reality, there are a lot of things to notice keenly. The measure of spices or oil, the perfect level of temperature, knowing the timing of each sub-actions, everything is essential to enjoy the art of cooking. It’ll provide the unbound satisfaction of creating something new. It also will fulfill the dream to cater other people with tasty and healthy food. However, cooking can kill a lot of time and attention which may make a person be bound to stick around until it finishes. Designing a perfect cooking station can be costly considering the high price of qualified cooking tools.

Writing journals: Those who are skilled at writing can really enjoy the leisure time inscribing memoirs which is a very popular form of pastime. One can write down the daily activities, important happenings, thoughts, etc. in the personal notebook. These notes can accompany the person as s/he grows old and help recalling sweet old memories. The habit of writing can clear away the inner opacity of a person’s mind and reflects the thoughts through ink. It can also help organizing thoughts on the pages, for those who gets puzzled while thinking. But writing doesn’t always bring the same level of satisfaction for everyone. Sometimes transcription of thoughts can become very a hard job to crack.

Gardening: Working in a garden is the sweetest dream of those who cherish the feeling of freshness around the nature. Taking the shovel and preparing for seeding, weeding with a garden scissor, watering the plants with a sprinkler can, swiping away the fallen leaves with a leaf blower, or mowing the grass with a lawn mower, everything is enjoyable if someone has the passion for gardening. It helps to build a strong physique and overcome the short stamina. It also ensures a close and frequent contact with the nature to keep the mind sound. However, gardening can be an expensive hobby as a lot of advanced tools come at high prices. Besides, without a proper knowledge about plants and soil nutrition, it’ll be a hard choice as a pastime. However, senior citizens can get benefited by regular gardening. 

Rearing pets: Being around pets is very healing for human being. Pets have been the best companions of human being since the inception of mankind. People take in various birds or animals as pets, e.g. parrot, dove, kitten, puppy, tortoise, Guinee pig, fish, etc. Rearing pets develops a true sense of compassion and empathy into the human mind. Besides, when a person holds on to a pet, s/he becomes responsible, for the life of the pet and for the beings waiting for the future. But a pet brings in a lot of hardships into a human life in the form of different daily errands. Moreover, the sad demise of any pet can be unbearable for its human companion.

Painting: Not just for the creative minds, painting is a vibrant hobby for all sort of people. Whether material or abstract, painting channels the inner stress of human mind. Taking up the brush and pallet, begin to create, and there comes the inherent peace. Nothing more can be such joyous in leisure time. Skillful paintings can bring in fame and wealth for the artists, though done in free time. Also, self-made paintings are very sweet gifts for the beloved ones. But before taking up painting as a hobby, fundamentals of art must be understood which someone may find time consuming and tiring. It requires a lot of concentration and effort.

Exercise/Yoga: Those who are health conscious can utilize their free time doing some health building exercise or yoga. Whereas some forms of exercise may require a minimum number of equipment, yoga is completely free hand. There are a lot of online tutorials/guide for these, so one can easily adapt the habit in the leisure time without spending much. To remain fit and healthy, exercise has no alternative. But unguided way of exercise can lead to physical casualty and pain. Moreover, knowing what form of exercise will suit someone is often ignored my many people.

Sculpting: Though not a usual form of free time habit to grow on, sculpting is the reflection of versatility of a human mind. This involves a high level of creativity and efficiency. Nevertheless, creating anything three dimensional is a unique aspect of this activity. Sculpting will bring the feeling of creating something out of nothing which is quite satisfactory. It can take up a lot of time and intense effort. It’ll also require keeping a continuous patience until finishing an object.


Leisure time activities are helpful to enhance mental strength and reduce monotony. After long hectic work hours when it’s time for the most favorite activity, the life becomes merrier. Whatever the activity is, time flies by with full content. Moreover, life gets a new goal apart from career or society. So, choosing a hobby for free time is never a wrong idea.


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