10 Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners

If the question “What’s your favorite leisure time activity” is asked, many of the respondents will speak of gardening. And it’s never too late to grow on a favorite activity for sparking up life a bit. But before jumping on to gardening, the beginners should learn about their basic handy tools and why they should invest on these tools.

10 Basic Gardening Tools for Beginners: Features and Benefits

Among many useful and undeniable tools, here are covered ten most elementary gears to cover some basic gardening. A beginner just has to study about them and select carefully the brand and tool range according to the necessity and budget.

Gardening gloves: Gloves are the first item that should be first tools that comes into a newbie gardener’s mind. Gardening gloves are very helpful considering they prevent any type of harmful effect on skin and fingernails. Before laying hands on anything in the garden, the gardener should put on his gardening gloves to be protected from thorns, any other sharp objects, or even from unwanted dirt. Moreover, those who gets irritation from working outside or from handling powerful manual tools, can really use the help of protective gloves.

Hand trowel: This very small but useful tool is a just fit for the beginners as many of them starts their gardening life with bed plants, vegetable plants, herbs, etc. This tool will give the joy to work on the plants with a close contact. Being the most popular gardening tool, this helps at the small gardens to dig up holes for shrub type plants. This also works to take up the weeds and mix up the hard rocks with the soil, to ensure even spread-out of nutrition. Hand trowels are known as the handheld mini shovels that comes at various designs at different budgets.

Shovel: None can start gardening either as a hobby or a profession without having a good quality shovel. Shovels are manual in nature, but capable to execute very large-scale gardening tasks. This tool can multiplicate the manual effort into gigantic outcome with the mechanical principle. From digging a small hole for the plants to turning the ground upside down, shovels can be the best choice to make. These can help the early-stage gardeners in their task of mixing, transplantation, turfing, cutting through roots, or anything else where some leverage is required.

Spade: For a heavy digging job, or breaking up the soil for plantation, a spade is the right choice for the early gardeners. Unlike a shovel, spades have flatter head to dig deep into the ground. Spades are used for making good edges on plant beds, removing grass turfs, moving small pile of leafy remains from one place to another. Spades come at different types and lengths of handles. Whereas the length of the tool impacts on the efficiency, the type of the edge and handle can determine how long it will serve the gardener.

Digging fork: Digging fork, sometime known as gardening fork, is a requisite tool for gardening. No matter big the garden job is, a digging fork will be able to do it without any charms or magic. Forks are different in design and size, depending the volume of work the gardener wants to cover. An appropriate designed garden fork can help the gardener to loosen the dense soil, making compost bed, striking up perpetual roots, etc. If invested on the right design, a digging fork can turn to be a life-long friend of the gardener.

Leaf rake: A leaf rake is a very versatile gardening tool that comes in a wide range of design and price. Though there are garden rakes for removing clingy matters from the ground or breaking the hard soil structures, leaf rakes also capable to these works. Additionally, they are specially designed for taking care of leafy remains from the grounds. Removing unwanted weeds or gravels from the stem level of garden plants, or loosening up the soil structure for seeding and planting are the good motives of this basic tool.

Pruning shears: Pruning tools are very helpful for those who are planning to prepare a vegetable garden. These are basically the all-rounder gardening tools among all others. To give a gentle shape of the leafy parts of the plant bushes, to remove spent remains, or to rip off the deadheads, pruning shears would be a grant choice of a fresh gardener. Being a heavy-duty gardening tool, it can seem a good investment to ensure that at the early stage, the tender plants in the garden remain safety.

Leaf blowers: A leaf blower is a very happening garden tool in case of medium to large size tree gardens. This heavy-duty machine is useful where the gardener is planning to plant some huge trees, such as fruit-plant nursery. Leaf blowers help the gardener to blow leaves of debris over the ground to a side of the garden, from where he can pick up or swipe away the accumulated pile easily without much hardship. Though costlier than any other basic gardening tools, leaf blowers can turn to provide much utility to the users.

Garden hose: Apart from soil nutrients, water is the most vital element to stimulate the healthy being and steady growth of the plants. But making the water available to every corner of a garden land can be difficult. For this reason, the new gardeners must have a garden hose of such a size with whom he can reach to every corner of the garden to water the plants and give a proper washing. A garden hose can be used with different types of attachments considering the type of necessity.

Wheelbarrow: Wheelbarrow is a very essential item for maintaining a garden, irrespective of the garden size. It works for transporting composts from the fertilizer bed to seedbed or flowerbed. Moreover, the gardener can use its help to accumulate the pile of dirt or other remains when he is cleaning the garden, or weeding under the stems.


Among an unbound range of tools and equipment, some have very straightforward benefits and some can benefit the gardeners in imperative ways. But before getting started, the newbies should learn about their essential gears and know which one to choose and why. If chosen wisely, these tools can turn out to be game changers.


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