Purposes, Uses, and Limitations of Leaf Blower

“Need is the mother of invention”- the quote stands true for the intention of inventing the leaf blower. Gardeners created this machinery in desperate need. The leaf blower’s sole purpose was to remove leaves and debris from the yard/property, especially after the fall season. Many argue the necessity of a leaf blower. But It would … Read more

How does a Leaf Blower work? Structure, Engine Types and Parts

By definition, leaf blowers are conventional garden cleaning equipment. It removes dust and debris (leaves, grass, torn paper or polythene, etc.) from the property. This machinery is known by many names now. Such as Blowers, Leaf blowers, Weed Blowers, Grass Blowers, etc. the basic definition of a leaf blower is “Machinery that uses an airstream … Read more

History and Evaluation of Leaf Blowers

There are some contradictory statements of who invented the garden tool “leaf blower.” Some oppose the idea of its invention. In the belief of many, the machinery was not even invented. The idea had been around for a long time; then, some people started to use one instead of brooms. They made one for themselves … Read more

Top 10 Garden Problems with Solution

Preparing Soil

Since the inception of social gardening concept, the gardeners have experienced that no garden can be perfect. Gardening is a job full of hurdles when it’s about sowing seeds, growing plants or taking care of the garden lives. But, in spite of these challenges, one might plan a great garden if s/he observes and acts … Read more

10 Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners

Gardening Tools

If the question “What’s your favorite leisure time activity” is asked, many of the respondents will speak of gardening. And it’s never too late to grow on a favorite activity for sparking up life a bit. But before jumping on to gardening, the beginners should learn about their basic handy tools and why they should … Read more

10 Benefits of Gardening for Senior Citizen

Senior Citizens in Gardening

Advantages that Regular Gardening Offers to Senior Citizens Gardening is the most preferred leisure pastime among a major portion of people irrespective of age. But it’s a special favorite one to the seniors as cultivating a garden can give life a purpose. After aging, when the life seems to take a pause, the old boys … Read more

10 Ways You Can Spend Your Leisure Time for Better Life

Leisure time activities are considered as the source of replenishment of joy and energy. A leisure time activity must be something that doesn’t bore the person, rather helps him uplifting the down zeal after the mainstream work. Since free time is a very personal moment anyone, s/he should choose the activity that calls the soul … Read more